One of my LJ chihuahua buddies, nutellabella, is really sick and we're all pretty sad to see her like that. Please send good vibes her way.

I guess I owe you all a big update, but I haven't really had time lately. We moved to San Francisco and me and the kitty love it here. There's so much SUN! We found an awesome pet store and every time mom or dad take me there, the dude with the glass eye loads me up with treats. Fuck yeah, brother!

I like the beach!


So... my people abandoned me on Saturday. It's aight. I'm hard. I know what it's like on the streets. I just headed over to White Center and stayed over with a couple o' my ho's. Couple o' sweet pug bitches that be fallin' all over they-selves to get with this straight G.

Of course, bein' that I taught my ladies to be propa, they outfitted me with some new bling, to show they admiration an' shit.

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After a while, the girls introduced me to a new fine ass dachshund from next door. Damn, y'all. She fly.

Anyway, just as I be buildin' my West Seattle harem up, my daddy come back an' scoop me back and shuttle me back over to the north side. It's aight, though. I missed the cat.

the cat did it

cookieguggelman asked how the cat and I are getting along. Well...

The kitty totally bugs me, so I have to chomp on her sometimes.

And sometimes she steals my toys, but I get 'em back by kicking her ass (see chomping above). Oh, and yes this is my doll. Do you have a problem with that? I DON'T THINK YOU DO.

But all in all, she's all right, I SUPPOSE.

Camera phone pictures...

Well... Dad's current phone takes some pretty crappy pictures, but I found a couple on there I liked. Here you go:

Dad's conference call bored me. He's a boring guy.

Kitty moving in on my territory


I was going through dad's camera and I found a couple shots of a handsome fellow...

Oh man, was I wasted!

Dude! Who drank all my beer?!?

Scooter Rally!!

Maaaaaaaaaan what a crazy weekend. Saturday morning, mom and dad woke me up at FIVE FRIKKIN' THIRTY, put me out in the yard for a while, and then into the car. Ok... so I'm used to a few minutes in the car here or there, but this time we rode for THREE HOURS. If I'd have known, I would have brought a book or something. Damn!

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I'm a goat.

I must eat everything. I will eat everything in the entire house. After that I will eat the actual house. When there is no house to be eaten, I'll eat sand.

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Don't worry everybody! I'm feeling much better! In fact, I'm feeling so much better that today I stole Susie's eyeglasses off the table and chewed 'em up a bit. Mmmm. Glasses. Yummy.

Susie said it's darn good thing I'm so cute. And then she mentioned something about obedience school.

Me n' dad.