rudy03 (rudy03) wrote,

Scooter Rally!!

Maaaaaaaaaan what a crazy weekend. Saturday morning, mom and dad woke me up at FIVE FRIKKIN' THIRTY, put me out in the yard for a while, and then into the car. Ok... so I'm used to a few minutes in the car here or there, but this time we rode for THREE HOURS. If I'd have known, I would have brought a book or something. Damn!

Ok... so we get to this house. I'm told it's "Uncle Simon's" house. Apparently the plan was to live there for the weekend. Again, no advance warning for Rudy.

So we go inside, and there's another dog there! Another dog!! His name is Paco and he turned out to be ok. He showed me the yard and his toys and the baby in the house and stuff. We were just getting acquainted when mom and dad throw me in my new travel bag and we all hop on dad's scooter and ride over to some dumb restaurant. They thankfully let me out of the bag and I met all kinds of freaky "scooter people". Everyone was petting me and asking me what kind of bike I have and stuff. Weirdos.

Anyway, just as I'm getting comfortable at this place, they throw me back in the bag and we're off on a ride with about 100 other scooters! The smoke was horrifying, but I was digging the ride. After a while, we stopped for gas, and I was allowed out of the bag for a while again. Then, when we took off, dad situated my bag so I could pop my head out while we rode. That was super fun! I had a good 50mph wind in my face and I could see everyone else go by and wave at me. Yaaaay!

Of course, I knew the whole experience would be better if I could just sneak out of the bag and on to dad's lap, but he had me leashed in there. Still, I managed to contort myself so I could get one leg out. Dad yelled at me, but he was so busy driving the scooter, there wasn't much he could do. Mom was on the back, so she didn't see what I was up to. After a while, I managed to get the other arm out, and scoot forward in the bag enough to get my front paws on dad's leg. He looked a little freaked, but the ride kept moving on, so he let it go. A few more miles, and I got myself most of the way out! I was almost completely free of the bag, riding on dad's leg. It was hard to balance through the turns and stuff, but it sure was fun. When dad finally realized how far out I was, he kinda freaked and pulled out of the pack to yell at me. They stuffed me back in the bag and this time closed the lid all the way, so I couldn't pop my head out. I could only look out through the mesh sides. Phooey.

Well, since I made us pull out of the pack, dad had to drive like a raving lunatic to catch up. We had a good half hour of 65mph stunt driving through the curvy country roads, and we eventually found the rest of the bikes. It was another hour or so before we stopped again, at a coffee shop. We hung out there for a while, and I got some awesome gourmet doggie treats. They were sooooooo damn good. I played with the scooterists some more, and then I decided it was time to head back, so they put me back in the bag and we left.

Back at Simon's I got to play with Paco some more and I even stole some of his food! We wrestled and entertained everyone. Paco showed me how high he could pee on the fence, and then he kicked dirt in my face. I still like him though, and I even let him play with Mr. Frog for a while.

Yesterday, there was more scooter riding, but I stayed home with my new pal and we just hung out. After the ride, it was another hellish three hour car ride home, and I was the first one in bed.


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