rudy03 (rudy03) wrote,


So... my people abandoned me on Saturday. It's aight. I'm hard. I know what it's like on the streets. I just headed over to White Center and stayed over with a couple o' my ho's. Couple o' sweet pug bitches that be fallin' all over they-selves to get with this straight G.

Of course, bein' that I taught my ladies to be propa, they outfitted me with some new bling, to show they admiration an' shit.

After a while, the girls introduced me to a new fine ass dachshund from next door. Damn, y'all. She fly.

Anyway, just as I be buildin' my West Seattle harem up, my daddy come back an' scoop me back and shuttle me back over to the north side. It's aight, though. I missed the cat.

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