I'm not talking to you anymore.

Seriously. I am no longer going to believe you when you tell me you're taking me to Disneyland, when in fact you're taking me to the vet! Not only do I not feel very good,I feel like SOMETHING is missing...

No really. Not talking to you.

Are you still there? Not that I'm going to be talking to you or anything.

At least I've been told the ladies at the clinic loved me. Nicest chihuahua they've seen in a long time, so I hear.
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brusha brusha brush-a!

Hey Steve - so, remember when you told me yesterday that I had bad breath? Well, I took the liberty of going into your suitcase and "borrowing" your toothbrush. My breath should be all minty fresh now.

I have no idea why Susie chased me around and took it away after she took a picture. I doubt you'll be wanting it back, after all.


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There's this little room in the living room. Mom and dad call it the "fireplace", but really what it is is this tiny room where there's another dog that looks like me! It seriously freaks my shit. I mean, he looks EXACTLY LIKE ME! Are they gonna put ME in a little room like that??? Dude! That SUCKS! I gotta get outta here!

I tried staring the other dog in the fireplace down, but he just stared back for as long as I stared at him. I tried barking at him, but he didn't even care. I think he's bad news, man.

I'm a good boy! I am!

I want a chew toy, and a chew bone, and a chewy thing, and some chewy things, and something to hump, and another chew toy, and some treats, and chew toys and some more chew toys.

Thank you.

I'm pretty

I haven't updated in a while. How are you all?

I met some pugs last week. These pugs:
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The black one is crazy as hell. She kept pinning me down with her paw and barking at me. It freaked me out, dudes. Seriously. The other one is quite cute and I think I have a little bit of a crush on her. I got her phone number and hopefully I'll be seeing her again.

I also met some cool kitties:

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I like the kitties a lot. I tried to play with them, but they didn't really seem interested. Oh well...

I also met another chihuahua, which was really odd, because I was pretty sure I'm the only one. I guess I was wrong about that one. Mom says I'm cuter than the one we met though.

So... I want to enter the Wyld Wear (http://www.wyldwear.com) photo contest. Mom and dad took a couple of pictures of me tonight. Tell me what you like best:

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Let me know if you think any of these are good enough to beat those other mutts.